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Sports and Athletic Injuries

Athletic injuries from sports or exercise are unfortunate but many times, inevitable. Due to the high-speed nature of most sports injuries, trauma to muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints and bones can be severe. Sports injuries can really set you back from your favorite activities and competitions.

Common injuries include ligament sprains, muscle strains, and fractures.

Sprains: A sprain occurs when the ligaments connecting two bones are stretched or torn. Sprains are caused by trauma such as a fall or blow to the body that knocks a joint out of position. Ankles, knees and wrists are most vulnerable to sprains. However, back, neck and shoulder sprains are very common too.

Strains: A strain occurs when a muscle or tendon is pulled or torn. Strains can occur from overstretching during a forceful movement during sport or exercise. A common example of a strain is a muscle spasm. A back or neck strain is a very common injury treated very effectively with the right physical therapy. 



Proper training, strengthening and stretching are the most important elements to preventing sports injuries. At Peak Physical Therapy, our physical therapists have years of experience working with different sports injuries and helping to train individuals on how to prevent injuries.

Our orthopedic Doctors of Physical Therapy will customize an exercise and sports injury prevention program that recognizes the weaknesses of your particular musculoskeletal system, allowing you to recover quickly and stay active. Even if you have an old injury, it is important to have it evaluated by our physical therapists to prevent long-term damage such as arthritis to your joints. If you have a new or old sports injury like tendonitis, arthritis, a stress fracture, or low back pain, our therapists will design a treatment program specific to you to abolish your pain, return you to sport and minimize the chance of re-injury.

The right physical therapy can effectively treat your sports injury to get you back to your activities pain-free and safely. At Peak Physical Therapy we will not only evaluate and treat most sports injuries effectively and efficiently, but also provide preventative screening and sports performance enhancement.