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Concussion & Vestibular Rehab/Vertigo

The vestibular system in our inner ear is responsible for helping our bodies understand where we are positioned in relation to the world around us.  Vertigo and dizziness are often symptoms that arise when we experience dysfunction within our vestibular system. 

When experiencing symptoms of vertigo and dizziness, a person may feel like the room is spinning around them or they feel very unsteady. Symptoms can cause a person to experience visual disturbances, difficulties with balance, and/or feelings of lightheadedness.

Physical therapists have the skills to evaluate and treat patients who are experiencing dizziness and vertigo to help them to get back to being able to perform their daily activities without difficulty or limitation.  Your physical therapist at Peak Physical Therapy will perform a full evaluation to help determine the cause of your dizziness and will work to develop a personalized treatment program to address and eliminate your symptoms.