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Research in PT

All too often, expensive imaging won’t show us what your pain generator is, or even where pain is truly originating:

  • 76% of people with NO pain are positive for bulging discs and degenerative changes on an MRI
    • (Haig AJ et al)
  • 56-58% of people with NO shoulder pain have a full rotator cuff tear on an MRI
    • (Gill T et al)
  • 93% of athletes have abnormal shoulder findings. Of this group, only 37% reported any shoulder pain
    • (Josh B et al)
  • 82% of people diagnosed with spinal stenosis have back or leg pain non-related to the stenosis
    • (Haig AJ et all)
  • 60% of people with meniscus scars (knee) on MRI had NO pain
    • (Beals C et al)
  • 58% of people with labral tears (shoulder) on MRI had NO pain
    • (Gill T et al)

PT helps 75% of people with a full thickness rotator cuff tear avoid surgery and return to normal function. (Kuhn JE et al 2013)

MDT (McKenzie Method) is “strongly recommended” for knee osteoarthritis of all severity, based on the Ottawa Panel clinical practice guidelines. (Brosseau et al 2017)

PT helps 60-70% of people diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis to avoid surgery.